Oh Brother – How I miss you

Damn it Spence..I don’t even know where to begin.

The one year mark is getting closer and part of me is still in denial. It’s easy to pretend you’re off stationed somewhere with the Army, deployed to Afghanistan, even though I know it’s not true.

Words cannot express how much I miss you, how often you’re on my mind. You spent the day before at my house with your nephew, brother-in-law, and I. You left before I got to give you a hug and say goodbye, which I now believe was intentional. I’ve come to realize you were saying your goodbyes to us, which is even more devastating.

I should have paid better attention, I should have recognized the signs. I shouldn’t have believe your tough guy attitude. I have so many What If’s and Should Of’s that run through my mind.

I was the first person contacted once you were found and after hanging up the phone I completely lost it. Hyperventilating, screaming, and sobbing.

I have cried so many tears for you little brother! You had become such a constant part of my life after you got out of the Army. I loved spending time with you because we knew and understood each other so well.

I straight up told your dad I wanted to speak at your funeral, because out of the entire family, I was the only one who knew you, who actually had a relationship with you!

And it was rough for multiple reasons. But I closed with a goodbye and thank you to you–Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, for being a great brother and friend. Thank you for being such an amazing uncle to my son!

It’s hard explaining to him that he’ll never get to see you again.

But most of all, You have NO IDEA how much your death has affected so many. My mom & your dad, after 15 years, are finalizing their divorce. Our family literally fell apart.

You also missed the gift of fatherhood, the birth of your son, who is so adorable and looks like you!

It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that you won’t be around, that there will not be any future memories with you.

Your death has forever changed me, I will never be the same. All I know is I’m accepting you found peace your way. I miss you. I love you.

Spencer L. Hiatt

08.02.1989 – 01.26.2015


To Sul

Hey Sul, it’s been 3 years and 17 days since my life turned upside down because of one action. I miss you everyday, and I wish I could just run into your arms and have you hold me. I know you were nine years older than me and always in and out of boarding school and rehab while I was growing up. I still remember almost every car ride and pizza outing and all the times we had, but as time goes on its hard to remember the way you always smelt and the sound of your voice. Life hasn’t been the easiest since you’ve left and mom and dad haven’t really told me everything about it, but maybe they think that 14 is just to young to hear about that. Landon and I have gotten so much closer, but still I don’t feel as close as you and I were. I miss our talks about how were the odd ones out in the family since we were adopted and teasing the rest of the family. Ive had a lot of rough patches thinking about how it would just be easier for everyone if I left and joined you and granddad in heaven, but I couldn’t put mom and dad through anything again. I hope to see you again, and I love you to the moon and back a thousand times.


Your baby sister


My Brother/My Friend

Dear Bubbie,

From the moment I heard mom tell me “Your brother is gone” my heart has not been the same. I often question myself and wonder why or if I could have done something to help you. Why didnt you let me help you?? I know this question will never have an answer. Our last contact made me sad and angry. I wanted you to tell me to mind my own bussiness, your not my mother once again. Your response was lifeless. If I had of known I wouldnt of seen you ever again on this earth, I would have raced to be with you one more time and tell you just how much I loved you and that you were so important to me. My conscious mind understands that you must have been in extreme pain, but the reality is I am angry that you abandoned me like Dad did. You not only abandoned your mother, sister and I, but your kids too. You will never know the pain and anguish you have created for those that loved you so much, but my hope is that you are at peace now and with dad and that you have resolved the issues with him that you were unable to while on this earth. I love you Bubbie and promise to remind myself to allow your light to shine on me as I travel into uncharted waters of my future.


Your Sister, Kaelan


Dear boog

Four weeks today. I know how much courage it took because I have faced those same demons myself. They talk to me alot. I cannot imagine the courage this took. I wish you had chosen a different path and called me one last time. I don’t understand why you did it there knowing mom and dad would be there to find you. That kind of makes me mad. Jerry is sorry for how things ended between you two. Dale did a wonderful job at your service…so did daddy. You would have been proud. Mom got her a dog and I th i k it keeps her mind off of it. I wish you had not did this. Right here at christmas. You could have tried to get off the beer and pills and tried to start over. I know some lady in McMinnville who is quite devastated over you. I love you boogie. Help me to keep the demons away. I prayed to God that he would take you. Junah looks just like you….dad gave him your tackle box and poles…I am going now. I love you.



Hey Jonathan, It’s been way too long since I’ve put my thoughts about you in writing again. I have been thinking about you every single day, as it has gotten cold and the snow has come back in Minnesota, we are thinking of you. I was thinking of when I jumped your car and after jumping it accidentally let the jumper cable hit my grille and it broke the grill into a few pieces. I remember I was so upset with you, and it was wrong, I should have been mad with myself and my ability. Who knows, if I had been there to look at your car you might not be gone anymore. Jacob and I are managing, but hurting everyday, we love and miss you sooooo much.



Never forget 4-29-13, Jonathan Timm.

What do I say?

I lost my only brother just over 10 weeks ago and am now an only child. I feel like I have lost a part of myself. My question to all the other now-only-childs out there is what do you say, when you meet new people and they ask if you have any brothers or sisters? I can’t bear to say “I had” or “used to have”. Is it too much to say “I have a brother but he died”? What have you found works for you? Thank you.


Letter to Nick

To my beautiful Nicholas,

It’s been nearly 10 weeks since you took your life, out of the blue, with no warning, and I’ve tried to put my thoughts down on paper several times since. Here is my latest attempt. Before, it was easier to pretend you just weren’t here – you were in Liverpool, when I was at home, when you were home, I was in London. Now, however, it’s begun to sink in. The knowledge that I won’t see you again will wash over me like a sickening wave. That dull ache in the pit of my stomach will suddenly stab like a knife, like no pain I’ve felt before. I haven’t just lost you but I’ve lost part of myself. It sounds so cliché but it feels so genuine, we were so close, I feel like I’m venturing into the unknown, living this life without you.

I’ve searched for answers as best I can and have had to convince myself that it wasn’t you that did this, you weren’t in your right mind and a psychosis had taken control. I know you would have called me, you could have said, we were so close and there were lots of things you told me that you would never tell mum or dad. We shared things. I know that the Nicholas I knew would have said goodbye, somehow, someway, instead even my last Facebook messages to you went unread. You’d messaged me when I was in Indonesia and I didn’t message back straight away, even though I saw them almost immediately. Why? You weren’t a priority; you always took ages to message me back and would often ignore me completely. I thought I had time. The rational part of me knows that when everyone says, there was nothing we could have done and that we’re not to blame, they’re right. But my grief for you is not rational. I knew something was wrong. I spoke to Katie and Jonny about you several times over those last couple of months. I told them your behaviour was strange, I was evidently worried about you. And yet I did nothing. On the tube to Heathrow airport, my flatmate Soffi told me her friends brother had just died. It flashed through my mind that perhaps something would happen to you. And yet I did nothing, I went to Indonesia. I’d spoken to you and asked if everything was okay, you assured me it was and you were so confident that I chose to believe you. But deep down I knew and I did nothing, I chose the easy way out and now there’s nothing I can do to rectify that. I have a thousand and one regrets.

It strikes me that I didn’t know what love was until this. I’ve lost the most important and precious person in my life. I try to think what it was to be happy and I can’t remember. At the moment, nothing is real except for the loss I feel. I go out with my friends, I keep busy and I laugh but deep down and underneath everything, I can’t see how I’ll ever be truly happy again. It’s not all bad though, losing you has taught me the value of this life we have. I know now I have to live mine to the fullest for both of us. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to start doing so.

For you, I would have done anything.



Dear Kevin

Dear Kevin,

It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since you decided to leave us..your mom, your children, your nieces and nephews, your students, your church family, your family, and me, your sister. I know you were struggling but I thought you were doing better. I saw you the Saturday before and I can still see you sitting in my house. Your absence has left a forever hole in my heart that has not healed since dad died 2 years ago. You left us all. I am now responsible for everything from your estate to taking care of mom. I often question why would you choose this? Why did you do this, knowing mom would be the one to find you? My emotions are all over the place from sadness, to anger, to total loss. I miss you everyday and forever will. Life will never be the same without you Kevin. You are with God and dad now and I know all you sadness and anger is gone, but it is still here with us. I don’t know how to go on, but I have to be strong for mom, my children and yours too. I will always love you.


Loss of Victoria

Hi I’m Erika and I’m 16 years old. On November 27, 2014 ten days after my birthday my 21 year old sister Victoria shot herself on thanksgiving. I was at my aunts house and grandmas for thanksgiving which was like 2 minutes away. A lot of fighting had been happening between my mom and Victoria. We always fought, they had a closer relationship and I felt I was off the side. Anyone they had argued all day and Victoria was acting weird all month, I just thought she was being hateful. Anyway I come home from thanksgiving dinner, I go into my room through the bathroom and I see her laying there. Blood everywhere. I ran to my mom and before I know it. Cops were everywhere, police time was taped around my house, I knew my life was never going to be the same again. Almost a year later and In between that time my mom has tried to commit suicide, her boyfriend is living with her, she went to California for rehab she didn’t really do anything…she’s not right right now… I was just 16 and I acted like I was 12… Tori did everything for me. Now I’m here sitting a cafe waiting for my boyfriends football game to end. I feel like I’m 36 now. I live with my aunt, two minutes away from the house she died in, 10 minutes away from my mom. As thanksgiving is coming I feel pretty depressed… But I’m trying everyday.

My youngest sister, Cathy

It’s only been a week since you decided to leave us, but it’s been the longest week of my life. I am so sorry that I was angry with you most of the time for not fighting harder. I wish I could have been kinder to you, more compassionate. I miss you so much – I can’t even describe the pain. I am just so sorry.