5 year mark

12/24/2009 R.I.P. Captain Kochavi. I love you, big sis. Five years is looming on the horizon and I feel compelled to touch the grief and be close to you again. Stopping to consider the purpose in my own life threatens to bring me back to the despair of losing you. I write songs for you and I even registered a copyright this year for one. it is a comfort to me to sing it, but painful to sing it to others. To any new survivors- please hang in there one breath at a time. Life is bittersweet, but there may be new joys to experience down the road. Please touch base and get help with the sorrow. Peace to all. (I love you, Mariah, and look forward to the day I will see you again)


Just wanted to say..

To a little brother who always covered for me when we were younger, who was an awesome teammate as well as competitor in many video games (he was number 1 in the world in one particular PlayStation game; I may have been a little jealous lol). Who shared many favorite hobbies with me and all of the experiences we had. Words can’t describe how grateful I am that we were so close and were able to spend so much time together those last few years. Just wanted to say: I love you bro so very much.