Losing 2 Sisters to suicide in 8 weeks

I have lost both my sisters to suicide in 8 weeks, my youngest 17th December 16 & my eldest 10th February 17. They died 8 weeks apart. I have been plunged into a world of darkness where i am suddenly an only child & where life as i know it has ended. The pain is indescribable & i have no idea how I can move forward, leave my parents & return to work. I miss them both so much & in different ways.

3 thoughts on “Losing 2 Sisters to suicide in 8 weeks

  1. Please seek help if you haven’t already. You can take additional time off work for disability. You (as most of us here) ate very likely dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. I only had one brother to lose so I can’t imagine going through this twice. I’m so sorry for your losses. I’m also an only child now and it’s terribly painful. It’s been 8 months since my brother “left” (as my parents often say it). It still feels unreal much of the time. It’s very lonely. I have nobody to back me up with childhood stories anymore… I’m sorry any of us have to go through this. I hope you get some help towards finding a little peace. Hugs.

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