My younger brother, Jeff, decided to put an end to his struggling. March 10, 2014. You may wonder why, almost 3 years later, I decided to start grieving. Well…Right after he shot himself, I started a physical decline which included both hips being replaced and a 3 inch screw being put in my foot. With all that, came Norco. I almost think it was God’s way of numbing my pain.
I’m just about done with the ‘meds’ used to wean off Norco. So now I’m feeling everything. It’s like, “Holy $h*t” my brother’s gone.
We were bonded together through adict parents. Neither of us wanting to ‘deal’ with them. But we always had each other’s back. One way or another. I’ve never laughed as hard as I have with him. He could just get me rolling somehow. We even lived together after both moving out (or being kicked out) at different times. He was a different character for sure…
Praying for a moment of peace, where we remember them and the sibling love that was shared. It wouldn’t hurt this bad if the love wasn’t there. So feel that again, if only for a moment.
Thanks for this…

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  1. i know how you feel because brother died june 12, 2014 and its just been putting even more stress on me now than it did when he first shot himself and i just wish he wouldn’t have because i really need him now but hes not there but i know that he is watching over me.

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