Unanswered Questions

It was a momentary lapse of judgment,
It happened in the blink of an eye,
So many questions left unanswered,
So many loved ones asking why?

A husband, a son and a mother,
A sister, brothers, in laws, family, friends and more,
How did we not see it coming?
She was not someone we ignored!

But, in a momentary loss of judgment,
All of our lives have been changed,
And no mater what we do or feel now,
It will never be the same.
So I honor her memory daily,
By doing what I need to do,
And when things get rough & I’ve had enough,
I let her love carry me though.

For I know she loved us all greatly,
And is so sorry for our loss and pain,
She is waiting for us on the other side,
Until we meet again!
By Gary Nowak
Aka Jess Mei
© 10/30/2005

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