to my only older brother

cory. its been only two months since it happened. you had just turned 22 a few weeks prior, i had just graduated high school the week before, came home from the beach the day of. i want to say that it hasn’t hit me yet that you’re gone, but the logical side of my brain wont let me fake it. now being a college freshman, there are a few things that i’d like to say to you, since i am not available to visit you.


first. i’m sorry. i’m sorry you had to suffer, whether it was by yourself, or however much you shared to your friends. i’m sorry i couldn’t be as supportive as i should have been. you really had me worried when you sent out that text to everyone in your contacts, i should have taken it as a sign that something was up. but i didn’t. i left you fool everyone you were okay, and that it was nothing. i left you fool me, and i should have been the one to call you out on it. i knew you better than anyone in our family. there’s still things that i keep secret. i promised, remember?


i’m also sorry you couldn’t confide in me when grandpa passed away almost a year earlier. i was hurting too you know? we were all close to him; you especially being the first grandchild and grandson. i understand completely.


second. i wish you could have seen me off to college. tomorrow is my first day of classes as a college freshman. i would have hoped you could have been here to help move me in, see me off. become successful. well, i guess you can now. you’re just not physically here with me.


its weird. the family reunion had just passed and all i could think about was how out of place i was, no matter who was there to make me laugh, it still wasn’t the same without you or grandpa being there. it was so quiet. same happened with father’s day. i feel so lost without you. we stuck together through everything; mom and dad’s divorce. going every other weekend. mom’s boyfriends and constant moves. any trouble you had gotten yourself into. i was there every step of the way, supporting your decisions no matter what mom thought. i’m sorry i couldn’t have been there with you for this final step.


speaking of, i’m sure you know already though but, mom hasn’t been the same since you’ve been gone. she’s more depressed than i have ever seen her. day by day she’s getting a little better, but it’s still a very sensitive topic to discuss. Ry is doin fine, for the most part. she missed you too, probably more than she lets on, but that’s ryleigh for you, our baby sis haha.


i met our uncle tim by the way. he’s a really rad dude, kinda strange but. i wish you could have been here for that too.


oh, and i got a grateful dead sticker for you the last time i went down to the beach. it’s pretty awesome, you’d be so proud of me. i also showed grandma them, she doesn’t know what to think haha.


well. i have early classes to get up for. i just want you to know that i love you, i never stopped supporting you, i won’t now either. i miss you so much you wouldn’t believe it. Jasper and Daisy do too. they wonder where you’re at, you never come to visit anymore. little fat cat haha.


don’t be a stranger to my dreams, okay?


-You’re little sister, Beanie


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