The ones who are too full of love

My little brother laid down on the railroad tracks on May 29, 1995. Tonight is May 29, 2018. I will regret to my dying day not telling my boss to shove it if he fired me for calling in sick on May 29,1995. What I am seeing this night on the Internet is that it is our brightest, funniest, and kindest males that we are losing. Maybe we all need to learn to celebrate a man’s feelings, not condemn them for having them. Condemn those who don’t. I know for a fact my little brother was on the outside of a bar crying for a long time before he wandered off presumably to go home and wound up on the railroad tracks. At least those of us who know should take the time to put our arms around and cry with any strange male we see crying. Forget what the world thinks about it, cry with him and you may save a life.

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