My younger brother shot himself in head

My younger brother, he was handsome, smart, had everything going for him, he was a real estate broker. Then he got married…. We grew up with out a father, he left and just ignored us, my brother always talked of having a family of his own one day and he’d never do that as well as give his kids what we never had. He met her, they were married 19 years and had 2beautiful daughters, who he spoiled any chance he got, they went on family vacations, did everything together. Her was very very close to his father in law called him dad, he treated my brother like he was his son, well, he died. My brother was depressed after that, his wife just laughed at him and put him down. She then left him in 2016, because she couldn’t take it anymore, she took his girls with her. She moved in with her mother, who now dispised my brother. The wife made him go to all these Dr’s, take all kinds of medication, klonipin, lithium, trazadone, valium, etc. It all came from different Dr’s, she was in charge. She kept telling him she would come home time and time again if he cleaned house, took his pills, cooked her dinner, very demanding. Things kept happening to my brother all of a sudden, accidents, according to her, but she was always right there, things like, supposed attempts on his life. She found him with a type around his neck and blue, she found him face down in bathroom covered in vomit, strange things, but she was always right there. Well, one time i had this feeling and logged into Facebook to check his profile, sure enough, all it said was goodbye. I live over 200 miles away, so i called her, she made that nose you make when you just don’t care and said that she’s leaving him there to die. I immediately dialed 911, they saved him, when he came to he told me that she kept telling him to go ahead and just kill yourself, he was tired of hearing it so he tried. Them i get a call, his house burned down and he’s in jail, wrk, i jumped up and just screamed running through my home, i couldn’t believe what i was reading, yes, she text me and then told me to tell my mom, she didn’t have the decency to call me or even talk to my mom. I rush to Houston, sold all my jewelry, bailed him out of jail and brought him home with me. He was off all those pills, all he had to his name was the pajamas he had on the night the house burned down. Here was asleep in his recliner and when he got up to go to bed, flames came at him, he tried to put it out but couldn’t so he ran next door and called 911, but strange thing is, the estranged wife was right there outside before he even called 911, yeah, so she kept yelling that he had done it, so he was being charged. He lived with me about a month, i was in the guest room, thought he was walking outside, as he usually did, i heard a bang, well a picture fell off the shelf, didn’t think anything of it. I walked into master bedroom, there he laid, single gunshot wound in mouth, through top of his head. That’s the day my life ended, July 13, 2018. I have lost all my friends, because of this anger i have. Now, I’m alone, without my younger brother, who i miss more than anything. His car was in the shop, told his wife I’d like to have it, she said ok, when i got it the shop told me that his lugnuts had been loosened and that is why he went off the road, I’m just in awe, how can i prove that her and her family were trying to kill him? She never once shed a tear, she’s been going out and posting photos of herself laughing up and having a good time, meanwhile, I’m living in the house where it happened, no i do not go in that room, the door remains closed, i hate being in my own home! I have no family here in Texas, now have friends, obviously weren’t real friends to begin with because they walked away from me, I’m not depressed or contemplating suicide, I’m just alone, with my dog, who has been my rock. I miss my brother more and more each day. Thank you for reading, i apologize if it was to long.

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  1. Hello, you have no need to apologise as you have done your best by your brother & he knew you were there for him. Sounds like your sister in law was like mine… brother ended his life & the misery he endured whilst married to her… are not alone.
    Like you….i knew it was her negligence & covert abuse that finally drove him to it…she too was a very cold person & i think she was very narcissistic with only her self interest at heart.
    i am so sorry to hear this happened to you too…..i loved my brother dearly & he was a wonderful guy who married a complete control freak
    hope this lets you know that you are not alone in the recovery journey as its the most horrific grief on the planet
    one day at time & loving yourself

    1. Thank you, I’m better now, i still get very angry but it’s not constant. Every where i go i talk about my brother and what happened of course people turn their heads and walk away. There needs to be more awareness out there, people need to know that suicide is real and it lives in their community. Suicide is an epidemic, everyone needs to know this so they to can help the ones that are hurting. I’ve been asked to speak at our boys and girls club next week, i gladly accepted and I’m looking forward to it, as talking about it helps me grieve. God Bless and I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot believe I’m not alone with the sister in law, she is rotten won’t even let me speak to my brothers daughters. Karma! Thoughts & prayers to you.

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