10 months… Mom’s birthday ):

Serg, how do I even begin to write how devastated our mom is and even more so today that she doesn’t get her yearly “Feliz Cumpleaños, te quiero mucho mami” & her new perfume that you were accustomed to buying her every birthday..What can I possibly do to make up for the void you forced upon us. Our hearts are so broken that I feel we are all just living in a bubble that we cant seem to get out of. She cries for you so much that her beautiful eyes have been taken over by swollness, its heartbreaking to see the suffering in her eyes. How dare I ever think that this would never happen to our close loving family, I was so stupid to think that you were going to be ok because LOVE is stronger than anything and with love we would always help one another & have eachothers back. I am so sorry Serg for thinking that this was all you needed, I am so sorry that I didnt dig deeper, I am so sorry for failing you. You didnt give us a chance to redeem ourselves and so now we are left to suffer for the rest of our lives. I will Always love you & will patiently wait for when god calls on me to go home and see you again so I can hug & kiss you forever. I adore & love you always, your sis

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  1. If only love could heal……none of us would be here on this site. I can feel your pain in your words. Brought me to tears.
    Sending prayers of comfort your way for you and your family.

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