My beautiful angel sister

Jode, I wish I could of taken your pain away, even just for a day so you could feel like the girl you should of felt. My heart is breaking so much that I can’t even explain. It’s been 18 wks since you decided to leave. I miss your voice, your smile and your kindness. You were a great sister and a loving aunty. Frankie always asks where you are and can we go and see Jodie! I tell him your with the Stars.

I think about you every day. Miss you and love you to the stars and back my beautiful angel sister, until we meet again xxxxxxxxx


3 thoughts on “My beautiful angel sister

  1. I lost my brother too sorry for your loss remember your not alone and that God said that those who suffer on earth will not suffer in my home (heaven). I hope you get peace and remember that your sister is with you pay attention to the signs ok if you want to email me that’s ok too I lost my brother he was the greatest and now I’m alone even though others in the family are here it’s not the same when you lose your heart the beat is not the same right? I know your pain Im going thru it with you. Stay strong and God bless you.

    1. Beautiful comment 🙂

      I lost my little sister in February this year, and I am slowly coming to terms with knowing she is now free.
      Free from her troubles that haunted her here on Earth.
      I miss her more than anything, and my heart breaks knowing i couldnt save her.

  2. Thank you for your post. I lost my sister and the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing she is not in pain anymore. She is truly an angel.

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