My Vagabond

Corey, my only sibling and older brother. We never fought. We understood each other in ways that I can’t even explain. Knowing that he always struggled, had this deep pain that none of us could even begin to comprehend. But always tried to keep a positive exterior, smiling and laughing, being an inspiration to everyone that surrounded him… He just didn’t realize how much he impacted every ones lives. Took his life March 12th, the night we got back from a comedy show. I am 20 years old and Corey was 25, this has felt like a nightmare since the day I woke up to the phone call… He had hung himself. Which is the hardest part for me to shake. The pain is too real now, confused, lost, hurt. Knowing you are finally at peace is somewhat comforting, I just wish I could hug you once more, that scruffy facial hair on my cheek. Feel your presence and hear the reassuring advice you always gave me. He was my angel from the beginning and always will be.
-Lil Sis


One thought on “My Vagabond

  1. I understand you. I lost my older brother to suicide 1 month ago. He hung himself as well. It is just so hard to understand how this could happen. I just keep thinking that he could not have been in his right mind, if he was thinking about his family, he wouldn’t be able to do this to us so he was not himself when this happened.

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