Miss my Midget

My brother killed himself “so they say” May 10th. He left no note or text or even a mention of anything. I raised him and took care of him his whole life. I can’t stop crying and thinking and crying and panic attacks are getting worse. Please help…


4 thoughts on “Miss my Midget

  1. I too lost my baby brother June 3, 2016 to suicide. I took care of him too. I feel your pain. I pray for you and me to have wisdom and to heal our pain.

  2. Each day is like groundhog day, the reality sets in. We will get through this, our brothers want us to remember them in all the good ways and understand they are at peace now and not hurting.

  3. I lost my younger brother on Feb 5 th 2016 it’s been 5 months I developed hives that come and go I no longer truly understand why some families have it easy and families lime us go thru this it’s so unreal.

  4. Its been 3 years since i found my brother after he committed suicide. , It does not get easier. i found that out the hard way!!! I spent the last 3 years avoiding his talking about him as much as possible….. In the last month have started counselling. It was the best decision and HARDEST, i could make for my self.
    Remembering the moments he made you smile, the moments when he picked on you, ( and we both know bothers like to pick on sisters)….. i still cry when i hear a song that reminds me of my brother, i still cry when his favorite football team wins a game! I still get mad, i still stream mad as heck at him for leaving me!!!
    I just try my best to hide it from my family!

    I hope and pray you and your family can find the answers that you all need.

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