I MissYou Brother

Brother, my only sibling, I am now alone with no other siblings to share the rest of my life with. It’s been 2 yrs now,it’s like time stands still,though its moving forward. I keep replaying in my mind what happened that fateful day and WHY. So many unanswered questions still linger and will remain that way,unanswered. I read recently that your anguish is over,but it was passed to us and so how TRUE. There’s so much more to say here,but for now,I LOVE and MISS YOU and my heart is sad.

Love your sister

One thought on “I MissYou Brother

  1. So sorry to hear that i had police at my door at 4am dismorning informing me and my mum that my sis threw herself infront of a train my dad killed himself also when i was 3 im now 20 ! Harsh reality man.

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