I miss you, Joey

My big brother and only sibling took his life last week. He seemed sad in the week leading up to it but never did any of us think he would take his life. The guilt is endless, all the warning signs I missed. He was at my house almost every day and best friends with my husband. Our family is so distraught. I always protected him my entire life and now I didn’t. I was minutes late to the scene. I pray that he is safe and worry free. Every day gets longer and worse without him here.

One thought on “I miss you, Joey

  1. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I feel the same about my brother, I protected him his whole life, but couldn’t protect him from himself despite the warning signs. But, I hope he is now at peace. Pull together with your family, allow yourself to grieve. As the surviving sibling, I spend a lot of time trying to stay strong for my parents but have learnt it’s important for me to acknowledge and feel my loss too. Sending a big hug your way xx

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