My sister killed herself about a month and a half ago on March 13th. She was 17.5 years old. I’m four years older than her. I’m having a hard time talking about it but reading the other stories on this site really helped me. It made me feel less alone that others are going through this too. I know I haven’t had a long time to move through my grief but I wanted to share some things that have helped me so far. Therapy has helped. So has journaling. Whenever I feel really terrible, forcing myself outside to take a walk never fails at making it a little easier to breathe. I’ve been watching videos of people talking about their near death experiences and I’ve found that comforting. For me it’s also been helpful to listen to podcasts and read books on sibling loss processes. Somehow understanding the process makes it feel less scary. Maybe at some point I’ll be more ready to share about my sister. I miss her so much. Before I read these stories I felt so alone and like no one could possibly understand. I want to thank everyone on here for sharing their stories. Hearing them has really made a difference. I’ve been feeling so much regret. I wish I had done more to support my sister. It makes it more bearable to know that other people feel similarly.

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  1. I couldn’t help but thank you for commenting all of this, I wanted to say I really resonate with everything you said. I lost my sister a month ago, she was 22 years old; I am 17 y/o. I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way and I am sorry if it does, but I felt inclined to mentioned I felt comfort as our ages are pretty close. I apologize as I don’t have much advice to offer myself, but I do want to say you will get very far, even if you don’t think so. I think finding solace through every activity you just mentioned is amazing, you are taking small steps (literally and metaphorically heh) every day. I wish for only the best for you, and everyone here. I believe nothing will ever be able to completely fill the void our siblings leave inside of us, as they were extraordinary people, yet I am sure all of them would like us to keep going every step of the way.

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