Forever 30

5 months ago today. I feel like I have so much to get off my chest but I can’t find the words. I keep beating myself up about our last few years together…. I knew we both had scars, but I never expected to get that call. You had so much to live for… just a couple weeks before you’d talked me out a funk with your typical irreverent and hilarious wit. So many memories that I share with only you…. they’re only mine now I guess. I always pictured us getting old together with rocking chairs and shot guns on a porch sipping sun tea in the morning and home brew in the evening telling stories to the grandchildren. Second hand lions style… I’m doing my best for mom and baby sis and kids. I hope it’s enough. I hope I’m making you proud little brother. I miss you like hell but I hope you’re at peace. I hope that money I left with you was enough to pay the ferryman.

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