My birthday

It was my birthday and instead of a phone call wishing me happy birthday I got a phone call that you you were dead. I replay that day in my head constantly when I am alone yet try my best to forget it . Instead of eating birthday cake I cleaned up the mess that you made. My birthday is no longer my birthday but a reminder of you taking your own life, I don’t even know how old I am anymore because that birthday went black. I hate my birthday . The day of my birthday and three days before dad’s birthday, twenty one days before Christmas you took your life by a gun. I was so angry, upset and confused when it first happened I could not grasp my head as to WHY DID YOU DO THIS? WHY!! I knew that you were dealing with some demons but you seemed better. You were coming around more often, but then you did this. I’ve learned that I will never get the answer as to why you did this – why didn’t you wish me a happy birthday, why didn’t you just come over , why did you do this? So I’ve learned to accept it . But dad has gotten really bad. He’s turned to drinking and worse after grandma died. He is still blaming her for your suicide and he is still angry. He’s talked about suicide and I went into a spiral. Your mom tries to come with gifts signed by you, but no type of money will bring you back or make this okay. I miss you so much and I wish I could just get my one question answered. Please look over mom and dad… please please please. I can’t handle any more hurt or leaving. Please just do that for me. Keep them healthy and protected so I can have them here longer.

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