For you vince

It’s been 18 months since you left
And life has no purpose .
Why Vince how did I not pick up on this
And why did we argue that morning do you know how it feels that my last words to you alive were angry .
Please understand I didn’t mean the things I said and I would never turn my back on you I was just angry .
Mum and dad are doing OK dad visits your grave often mum can’t .
I haven’t been to the tree recently I put your birthday card on your grave this year and I promise I’ll get there before Christmas I’ll put your Christmas present there .
Vince my heart hurts and I really need you .you promised you wouldn’t leave you left so many broken people behind if only you could of understood how loved and needed you were .
Anyway love you to the moon and back
Kym ( your rather angry big sister )

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