My brother

Dear Luis,
It has been a month and a half since you died. I miss you so much I cry everyday. I miss how you’d tell me every time I saw you that you loved me. We weren’t brothers by blood, but that didn’t matter. I miss how you’d make me laugh like a fool, and I loved making you laugh. I still remember your voice so clearly. Remember when I taught you those words in Gypsy? May tut kamavva. – I love you.

I’m so sorry that I ignored your calls and texts so many times over the last year always saying that I was too busy. You stole such a big piece of my heart, and when I heard you passed I thought I was having a heart attack. Even still my stomach aches for the pain that I know you were in in those last moments. I told you that I would die for you because you were so afraid of death.

Mom and dad are having a hard time, I see them almost everyday. At your funeral your mom looked at me and said “Alex, my lovely, you have lost your true brother.”

I never wanted you to have any pain. Now, you don’t, you’re free, that’s what I lived and prayed for all these years. I love you. I always will.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, you would be 24 years old today. I was only 13 when you took your life at 18 years old. I cry because its been 6 years and I try so hard to hold onto the memories I have of you. I think about how proud you would be of me. Of hanging out with you today if you were still here. Watching a movie, playing video games, fighting with you. All I have are your sneakers, a painting you did, and your deodorant I used to love the smell of. I’m finally going to counseling for everything. It hurts me so bad that suicide is something that no one talks about. How can I finally be at peace with it? I love you so much and I made you a cake. 🙂
-Love you lots
Your little sis



Grief has the tendency of kicking me when I’m down
It has a knack for taking me by surprise, creeping up on me when I least expect it
Sometimes it’s with me all day, washing over me like waves, back and forth
At other times it’s like a hit and run, there one second and gone the next
It grips my heart and squeezes it, drenching out the sadness like juice
Loss weighs on my chest like a stone carved from my memories
Those moments, smiles and wishes haunting my mind
Grief is a welcome friend
I embrace it willingly, tenderly, like a comrade absent for too long
It cleanses my soul, washing it with tears
It lifts the pressure from my aching bones
Maybe for just a minute, maybe for days
It’s with me always
Sometimes lurching in the shadows, sometimes holding my hand
Leading me into the darkness, or showing me the light


I miss you Johnny

Hey bub,

It’s been 3 months (11-12-15) since you left us here. So much has changed for example I got to meet Melinda’s girlfriend and daughter Grace. Crystal says you are still going to prom with her, she’s getting a dress in your favorite color (blue) and she’s going to hold your picture up at the photo booth I think. They are giving you a page in the yearbook in your memory and I handed in a sinking picture for the senior sibling page. They took those pictures the week I came back to school. I still can’t believe your not here to help keep the boys away from me or see me grow up in person. I miss you a ton Johnny…I love you and I always will bub.



My brother took his life. We don’t know what day he died because his body wasn’t found in time for the medical examiner to determine date of death. They put they day he was found (November 10th, 2015) as his day of death. I would do anything to have my brother back. I will miss him for the rest of my life. I will cry every day for the rest of my life. I miss you Timmy.


I Miss You Both!

I am sibling Survivor of two very special pieces of my heart. My baby brother Michael Phelps on July 3,2005 and my protector, my oldest sister Mareesa on March 1, 2011 . There’s nothing that will ever take that pain away and I’m going to grieve for them but that’s ok – they’re on my mind and in my heart 24/7. We had that sibling bond .❤


Oh Brother – How I miss you

Damn it Spence..I don’t even know where to begin.

The one year mark is getting closer and part of me is still in denial. It’s easy to pretend you’re off stationed somewhere with the Army, deployed to Afghanistan, even though I know it’s not true.

Words cannot express how much I miss you, how often you’re on my mind. You spent the day before at my house with your nephew, brother-in-law, and I. You left before I got to give you a hug and say goodbye, which I now believe was intentional. I’ve come to realize you were saying your goodbyes to us, which is even more devastating.

I should have paid better attention, I should have recognized the signs. I shouldn’t have believe your tough guy attitude. I have so many What If’s and Should Of’s that run through my mind.

I was the first person contacted once you were found and after hanging up the phone I completely lost it. Hyperventilating, screaming, and sobbing.

I have cried so many tears for you little brother! You had become such a constant part of my life after you got out of the Army. I loved spending time with you because we knew and understood each other so well.

I straight up told your dad I wanted to speak at your funeral, because out of the entire family, I was the only one who knew you, who actually had a relationship with you!

And it was rough for multiple reasons. But I closed with a goodbye and thank you to you–Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, for being a great brother and friend. Thank you for being such an amazing uncle to my son!

It’s hard explaining to him that he’ll never get to see you again.

But most of all, You have NO IDEA how much your death has affected so many. My mom & your dad, after 15 years, are finalizing their divorce. Our family literally fell apart.

You also missed the gift of fatherhood, the birth of your son, who is so adorable and looks like you!

It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that you won’t be around, that there will not be any future memories with you.

Your death has forever changed me, I will never be the same. All I know is I’m accepting you found peace your way. I miss you. I love you.

Spencer L. Hiatt

08.02.1989 – 01.26.2015


Dear boog

Four weeks today. I know how much courage it took because I have faced those same demons myself. They talk to me alot. I cannot imagine the courage this took. I wish you had chosen a different path and called me one last time. I don’t understand why you did it there knowing mom and dad would be there to find you. That kind of makes me mad. Jerry is sorry for how things ended between you two. Dale did a wonderful job at your service…so did daddy. You would have been proud. Mom got her a dog and I th i k it keeps her mind off of it. I wish you had not did this. Right here at christmas. You could have tried to get off the beer and pills and tried to start over. I know some lady in McMinnville who is quite devastated over you. I love you boogie. Help me to keep the demons away. I prayed to God that he would take you. Junah looks just like you….dad gave him your tackle box and poles…I am going now. I love you.