5 Months… If only??

If only I would have read your mind, if only I would have called you earlier that day, if only I would have repeated over and over how much I loved you, if only I would have protected you from the world… I will live the rest of my life “If only”.. Sergio its not getting easier, I am hanging on to my faith and I know God is by my side but seeing my mom & dad devasted by your loss is extremely painful. They are so sad NOTHING makes them smile, they live a life of regret because my mom thinks it was her fault for you taking your life.. My dad tries to comfort her but he too needs comforting, your boys stopped coming to visit because its too hard for them not to find you there. You changed our lives so much Sergio, you were a huge part of our hearts I wish you would have known that, we love you WHY did you force us to live with this heart break WHY!!!! Every month seems different emmotionally but never is it easy, not seeing you, talking to you, hugging and kissing you has been so hard.. What I would give to have just one more day with you I MISS YOU so much that is hurts so bad. I pray that you are happy now, enjoying everlasting life with all our family and friends that have left this world & waiting for that moment that we will be together again. I adore you & love you more than you will ever know.. Always & forever your sis…

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