A place of hope. A community.

You are not at this site because you want to be.
You may be experiencing a crushing sadness that you believe you cannot survive. You may be angry. You may be lost to the focus on your parents’ grief.
Each in our own way, we have stood where you are. For three years I felt like I had to will every breath I took. Nothing was familiar because everything was painted with my grief. I did not see a way I could live the rest of my life in this place.
In December 1986 my life changed forever. My younger brother set a catastrophic house fire that left nearly all of his body burned. He lived for 43 days.
I have now lived more than half my life as a sibling survivor of suicide. I have a happy life. I’m
married. I have a career in helping others.
My brother’s death is still the worst thing that has ever happened to me. This site has helped. Therapy has helped. Journaling has helped. Sharing my story has helped.
Read the stories here. Reach out. Know you are not alone.

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