7 Months… Am I forgetting about you? (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

Serg I realized that I did not write you on the 7th month since you have been gone. Did I forget about you? I will never ever forget you, I think about you night & day and find myself talking to you every day. Not a minute goes by that I dont think about you and if for whatever reason I dont, I have the constant reminder when I see our poor mom suffering, she cries for you every day, I see her sad eyes and it breaks my heart. She said that the only thing keeping her alive is her love for me, Tony & our dad… She wants to go with you. Our family is such a good loving family, why would you force us to be unhappy and suffer for the rest of our lives? You had all the support in the world, money wasn’t so important to destroy a family that loved you with all their heart! I can’t bring you back & trust me if I had 1 wish that would be it but I know its impossible, I know we have to wait until its our turn for god to take us and only until then I will see you again but until then my brother I will cry & miss you all my life here on this earth and will never ever forget you.. BTW we spent time with your boys, they too are devastated, 19 years old a lifetime ahead without their dad, so unfair… I do believe that God has a better plan for us & that this immense pain we feel is going to serve a purpose.. Love your sis always… Gosh what I would give to hear you say “Love you sis” like you always did… ):

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