You promised me.

Two weeks ago there was no call.
You didn’t reach out before you chose to fall.
I need to say goodbye but I will never know why.
Some days I am mad.
Some days I just cry. Some days I just want to know why.
I pretend to smile and laugh but now I am the one struggling as you fly. I ask myself why.
Each day the sun comes up and you won’t be here for me to worry about. Could this be why?
Fly high big brother.
I will find the strength in the why.

2 thoughts on “You promised me.

  1. Stay strong my friend. I know it hurts, but it’s no ones fault. We can’t control everything. Sometimes we just have to let go.

  2. You have to push thru your pain….Jesus will help you to make it thru. There will be many unanswered questions and you’ll never know why?? But God is still in control. Lost my brother to suicide two weeks ago. Keep praying, tell God it’s too much for me, God will ease your pain and help you to carry that heavy load. God cares for you and me. He is a lifter of a bowed down head; God can heal your broken heart. It wasn’t your fault. But those left behind are left to question the whys?? Only God knows. Stay strong, lean and trust in God. He will help you to push on. Cast you cares on God because He cares for you.

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