2 months & a lifetime to go…

Sergio it’s been a little over two months since I last spoke to you, kissed you hello, laughed with you. Gosh I miss you so much it hurts so bad ): As the days go by I have learned to live because you gave us no choice. We have to move on, but mom is still so broken she barely exists and dad tries so hard to help her but he fails everyday. My birthday is next week. This will be the first bday I will not hear your voice wishing me a happy birthday like you always did. WHY WHY WHY did you do this to us? You left us all so devastated; we are such a close loving family. We all helped you & you knew we would have your back always no matter what your life would turn out to be. I repeated to you over & over that money meant nothing – it comes and goes, but the strong love and faith we shared would over power everything nothing was too big for us nothing. I cry for you every day and I know this pain will never go away. I am so sorry that you were so unhappy and I pray every day that you are enjoying every minute of your eternal life with grandma, grandpa and everyone else in heaven. I will have to live the rest of my life wondering WHY this happened to a family that was extremely in love and supportive. WHY you decided to leave. WHY you felt there was no way out. WHY you felt your life was not worth living. I will hold on tight to faith and look forward to seeing you again because that will get me through. I love you Sergio more than you could of imagined. Your boys are struggling. We are trying to help them and just like with you they have us to lean on. Love you always & forever.

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  1. John says:

    Reading this touched my heart. I didn’t think how much it would affect my family if I died, so reading this makes me glad I didn’t die that day. I will treasure my family and love them more than before. I owe my family too much.

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