to my brother,Gareth Nedoszytko

Its a year to the day that you decided you could no longer cope with being. I want to let you that i have never nor ever will judge your choice.
I just hope you know just how many people love and miss you. There’s not a day I don’t miss you. I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to share silly little things with you. How many times I’ve needed you. Wondered what you would have thought about things.
I hope you are at peace now and are watching and guiding us all. Love you and I know we’ll meet

One thought on “to my brother,Gareth Nedoszytko

  1. Another year has dragged by and my strength is fading and my heart sinking. grief is finally starting to truly hit me. With every token people do in your honour the reality becomes more true. I’m so proud of what kindness and love others have shown, but little do they know with every smile of sympathy it’s engraving deep into my heart that you’ll never be back. Love you so, so much my (big) little brother. xx

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