To Jack

I still think about May 23rd every day and the shock and horror i felt on that day have turned into sadness, regret, and often anger. I dont know why you did what you did really, its hard to understand but at the same time i can relate to not wanting to be in this world anymore. Im so sorry i didnt realize what you were going through, I didnt see any signs, none of us did. I hate to put the blame on anyone but maybe we just werent paying enough attention when you were trying to reach out. Im so sorry i wasnt there for you. We all are. And id like to think if you could change what happened you would, and you would be here with us. But i have to accept that you are gone and just hope that you are happy and safe now. I still think about the pain you must have felt, how scared you were to disappoint mom and dad over such a little thing. They are so proud of u


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