There are no words (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

My only brother took his life on November 9th 2017. It has been the worst, most frustrating, painful 12 days of my life. He was only 26 and words do not describe how loved, honored, amazing he was. What I would give to see his face again. To see him walk through the door. My body has taken its toll. How will I ever come back from this? How will I ever continue my life? You just need to come back. Please.

11 thoughts on “There are no words (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

  1. I wish you comfort during this difficult time. I hope that you visit this site and others in the Resources section to begin to find some type of comfort. The questions may never be answered and the longing to see, hear and hug your brother will continue, but you are not alone in this journey.

  2. My brother took his life on June 14, 2017. I have found there are no words to take away the pain. I wish I could provide guidance but it is truely a unique and difficult situation. I wish you the best and hope you can find some sort of peace. 5 months later I am still a mess and I understand the pain you feel.

  3. I wish you comfort. I lost my only brother in August and I must say it doesn’t get any easier but you learn to get through the days. The pain you are feeling is excruciating and having to see your parents suffer this loss and then you dealing with the loss is a lot to handle.

  4. I wish you strength. My only brother took his life in June last year and my heart goes out to you. Those early days feel impossibly hard and being the only child left can feel incredibly lonely and a huge responsibility. You are not alone xox

    1. My only sister. 27. Three weeks ago. It does feel so lonely and miserable. Some days idk how I’ll get through it. I really don’t. We are less than a year apart. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without her and it is tearing me up 🙁

      1. My younger sister was also 27 and passed 11/26/17.. I am feeling what you are. I’m beyond confused, still in denial, and am trying to process emotions I’ve never had to before. It’s quite difficult and no one is talking about it. I’m hoping time heals the pain she’s left behind and I can somehow find peace like hers, here on Earth. Give us strength ✌️

  5. My brother left us on 11/29/17, he was 45, was living with MS and felt it was too hard to handle. He was like my son, he looked up to me although I have no regret because I made sure he knew how much I loved him but I am completely heartbroken beyond repair. I see him everywhere. He left behind twin boys (18 yrs) the only consolation is that we have his boys and will take care of them; they are devastated. The morning he took his life he argued with our mom and a while later he killed himself. He left our mother with a lot of guilt and I know it was not her fault. She’s been an amazing mother and did not deserve this. She is suffering beyond belief. I hope you can get past this. I am not sure how, but when I do figure it out I will come back to offer what may help me. God bless you all.

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