my sweet baby brother

You decided to take the last person in my life I had. You were my baby. You were only 14 Matthew. You’ve been gone for almost 6 months but can still barely bare waking up every morning without you baby boy. I’m only 17. You knew I needed and loved you. I was all you had, you’re all I had. Why did you have to do it ? I don’t understand. I never will. Why did you shoot yourself? You promised that day you’d never do this to me. And you broke the promise the same day??? In my room??? I don’tget it I never will . We went through he’ll together. And I’m so sorry I didn’t get you help and that people judged you for your autism but you were never different to me. you were my price and joy. I shared a too. with you for 15 years. I thought you lovd Me. But you didn’t even care enough to tell me why. You didn’t care enough to ducking stay. You left Me a stray and I won’t ever understand why you have broken my heard forever. I’m so sorry. I love you. Why didn’t you love Me? I’ll never understand

1 thought on “my sweet baby brother

  1. Lost my older sister 10 years ago. She was 16. I was 10. Like you, we had been thru hell together. You will never understand why they did it. And that’s ok. Also I know your brother loves you. You will never forget them but it gets easier with time. Live life to he fullest just like he would want. Peace.

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