Sibling Inspiration Submission Sent – FORGIVENESS

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior.
Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.

4 thoughts on “Sibling Inspiration Submission Sent – FORGIVENESS

  1. We had a private viewing prior to my brother’s cremation. The casket was plain and we were given Sharpie markers to write on it. While I wrote on the top, on the back of it I wrote another, private message, “I forgive you”.

    And on a side note, what must the workers at the crematorium feel when they see these caskets covered with messages like a cast on a broken arm. Does it make them cry? Do they say a prayer?

  2. I lost my sister 10 years ago. I’m 20 now. I know I can never forgive her. Not because of the pain it’s caused me but the pain it’s caused the people that love me. My mother has never been nor ever will be the same. My dad is a broken man. I know if I weren’t here they would soon follow her. I have tried for years to forgive her but cant. I hope one day I can understand what she was going through and forgive her.

  3. N, You will one day be able to forgive her. It takes time to heal but you will when YOU are ready. I believe our beloved siblings had no idea how much pain they would bring down upon all of us survivors. It’s such a different type of grief that no one can exactly describe.

    1. N, I can imagine my 11 year old daughter writing your words when she is 20. I am on this site trying to learn how to help her and her younger brother cope with losing their 16 year old sister. You are being honest with yourself right now about not being able to forgive her, and I love that. I don’t know the circumstances of your sister’s loss, but perhaps forgive is not what we can do without recognizing how our loved one was feeling in the moment they chose this path. Whether it was overwhelming sadness, fear of future, fear of failure, anger, feeling of inadequacy or even an impulsive broken teen heart, there was no way for them to fathom the ripples of pain those left behind in the aftermath would endure for the rest of their lives. Your sister lost herself, and I pray one day my daughter can forgive her own sister for losing herself.

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