2 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. I pray it does.
    Remember the good times.
    Can you?
    Try to feel their love instead.
    I’m only 2 months out from my bros death
    Yet he’d want me to go on.
    You should
    too, but that love for your sister will always be there.
    Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

  2. My brother died four decades ago and I still think about him. The pain has lessened over the years but the the questions are still there, why he did it, what was he feeling just before and why didn’t I get a chance to say good bye. Those don’t go away and maybe that’s good because it keeps him on my mind. I started on this site in August because of those questions. I hope you find peace in talking about this, I know it has helped me opening up. Good luck with everything.

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