My strong beautiful sibling

My day turned upside down on the 12th of November. My sister was found hung in a park nearby – we knew she had some problems but clearly there were a lot more to it than this – which was brought to our attention after her death. Me and my sister were very close – I’m not angry for what she did – I just wish I went with my gut feeling more and went to see her when she invited me down to visit. Her service was on Friday and I just find myself wanting to be in my own space. I’m angry I’m the only child and never want to be treated like one – I’m angry because the demon chose my sister and made her feel it was the last resort. Is it unusual to want your own space?

2 thoughts on “My strong beautiful sibling

  1. I don’t think so.
    I’m very sorry for your loss.
    It is something that rips your emotions apart.
    I lost my brother recently and I want to just be alone a lot now myself.
    It is hard as I have a family in need of my attention but sometimes I wish I could be alone all day or longer if that’s what you mean by space.
    Stay strong.

  2. I lost my sis on the 8th dec, in the most tragic way that was the train tracks i feel so numb i am struggling inside keeping al my emotions caged in whilst looking like nothing is wrong, its hard man it really is me and my sister where like best friends.. its heart trembling, bless the spirit of anyone lost due to suicide and are shit mental health system!

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