I lost you. On April 9, you disappeared from my life. You were my only sister, and may have been the only person on the planet that would know the real me. To think that you were alone and afraid torments my every waking thought. I am so afraid that I cannot recover, and simultaneously afraid to recover. Everything I loved seems meaningless. The things we shared are impossible to forget, yet I am grasping for each memory, terrified to lose even one. Facing the night is just a horrible segue to an even more painful day. I miss you.

One thought on “Stace

  1. So sorry for your loss, guest poster. I, too, lost my only younger sister, and I wholly empathize with you in these trying times. It’s been nearly a year and a half for me and you never will get over it. Just stay strong and use your family and friends around you to lift you up, but also, let grief run its course. It will take time to get your life back together. Seeking help and speaking to a professional is never something to be embarrassed about. Godspeed 🙏

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