He’s just gone

It’s been 3 days since we found him. No note, no real reason. He’s just gone! The unanswered questions will haunt me. Not knowing why and why now? How could you leave your son who desperately needed you. How? He’s just…just gone.

2 thoughts on “He’s just gone

  1. My brother did the same. Actually he did mark a day on the calendar and he hung himself in such a way that he could have stood up at any point, leaving no doubt as to fully intending to die. He had never said anything that indicated suicidal ideation. He thought no one cared, but we all care and its haunting us because we didn’t see it coming.

  2. My brother killed himself by jumping out from the 5th floor.We found out only next day when he didnt show up at my sisters place. We were able to barry him 3 weeks after. Never saw his face or body ever again. At that point we taught that all his belongings were checked and emptied from his rented apartment by the police and the owners, as we were told that we will not have access. after 7 month we got a call… apparently it was mandatory that we would take the keys from the police and give them to the owners.After 7 months we entered his apartment.Everything was left like it was ..even the clothes in the washing machine ….what man that wants to kill himself would wash!??! we didnt find anything ..no notes no goodbyes.Nothing! he was almost 22.I am sorry for everyones loss i wish i could hug everyone that goes throught these feelings. I wish we all find peace someday!

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