How can I help him?

My significant other’s brother took his own life last week. He is struggling, and I’ve done my best to be there for him but I feel I am failing him.
He says he feels lost, does not want to go on, and seems to just be in a haze. They were close when they were younger, but rarely saw each other as adults, both now in their late 30s. Their father passed away some time ago but their mother survives, and since this happened she has not been kind to my SO. I do understand that she is also hurting, but I fear she is doing a great deal of harm. That said, I don’t think it would be beneficial to point out the toxicity his mother is bringing to the table.
I have gathered information for him about counseling options and made sure he knows I am here whenever he needs me. So far he has refused counseling services, and I do not believe he has done any research on coping with the situation, even though he has acknowledged he is not okay. What else can I do for him?

One thought on “How can I help him?

  1. My deepest sympathies to your significant other and the family. From my experience, time to be in a haze and begin to process may be what’s needed now. The amount of emotions is probably overwhelming. I think that support and gentle reminders of resources available (many listed on the website as well) are helpful.

    I hope he does reach out for help soon to process through the loss.

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