She’s gone

My sister committed suicide a couple of weeks ago, she suffered from depression. We missed the signs, thought she had turned a corner.
I found her, can’t get that image out of my head.
We were very close, she was my best friend, she worked with me, we would always be giggling about something.
Now she is gone.
I am quite a positive person, I don’t usually cry but I am a mess.
Looking back it was inevitable that this would happen 14 years of depression. I keep thinking if only I had done this or that even though I know if probably wouldn’t have made a difference. How long am I gonna feel like this ?

One thought on “She’s gone

  1. Try to hang in there. My sister did the same last April. Whenever I think I’m over it, it hits me like a ton of bricks again. You’ll always wonder if you could’ve done something different, said something etc., but over time you’ll realize there was nothing you could do – especially when there weren’t any signs. It sucks, it’s heartbreaking and devastating. Praying for you.

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