6 months on. I miss you everyday

Hi little brother. It’s been 6 months since you left. I’ve had some coaching which has helped me deal with the pain and be there for pregnant wifey. You said that you were sorry for not being able to meet your niece or nephew – but I know that you are looking over us.
I do still think about all the what ifs and whether I did enough to help. But I also want to focus on remembering all the amazing times we shared. Fighting over sega mega drive control pads and later graduating onto PlayStation. All the fun we had together playing micro machines, super soaker fights, as well as tamagotchi. Going to have some shisha in Marble Arch and watching films together and going for a pool session after.
I think about all those memories and even have them all jotted down every time I remember cos I want to hold onto those memories and keep them close to me.
It’s been 6 months and I still hurt when I think about how it all ended. But I really want to remember the amazing times we shared.
Keep helping me to be strong brother.
I love you. xxx
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