My Big Goofball Brother (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

Subject: My Big Goofball Brother

The night before we played with the dogs breaking in their new toys. Pearl of course took all her toys to the bedroom and you snuck in and took them all away only for her to take them back in. This happened 5 billion times.
Later we sat on your bed drinking hot coca specially made by you, heavy whip cream on top. We were browsing your liked videos on youtube and joking about how some people are so foolish. We made some stupid inside jokes, OHMS, ba doom tssss, Jorge or Jorge.
That silly Darth Vader shirt you had on, “free throat hugs”, clung to every single one of Felix’s hairs. I left your room that night with you two wrestling with Felix’s new stuffed squeaking pig. You always loved dogs. You even brought home the best dog in the world for me.
I’m might be headed to college next year but I still nesd my big brother to send me shitty videos and tell me what I should watch and do.
I was ganna teach you how to drop in on a pipe (snowboarding) on Monday, now I don’t think I can even go snowboarding at all. You were right beside me when I learned. Falling every time I falled or making me fall.
I love you even if you left me this confused and sad. I’m still waiting for this to be a prank.

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