Okay so it been 3 years now on June 14 since my big brother Matt died and I’m going through hell with this because i miss him so much because he was not only my brother but he was my best friend and not having him is hard because he was always there for me when i need him of when people were mean to me and i just miss him so much because people are so mean to me and kinda make fun of me because of his death and they blame me for his death and I just wish he was here because i miss him and i want all this to end and i just wish that hadn’t of committed suicide because now i have no one to go to when I’m having troubles and all this breaking me bit by bit and i just wish i knew why why he killed himself because now i wish i could have helped him because God do i miss him so much!!!!!! 🙁 🙁

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart aches for you. I lost my brother to suicide too. It’s extremely hard to deal with. Those people that are mean to you aren’t worth your time. I can’t stand mean people! It’s not your fault your brother died by suicide. Please find someone to talk to about your feelings. Reaching out on here is good too. Your brother is an angel looking out for you! Hugs!

  2. Your brother’s name was Matt? My brother took his life three years ago too. His name was Rob. Thank you for telling me how you feel. It helps me to know I am not feeling things that others don’t . It is hard. I, too, am so sorry that others treat you badly. If there is even one person who you feel you might want to trust to talk to, I hope you do. I found one person who understood my sadness and anger and guilt and grief. She had also lost family to suicide. so she knew I needed to talk. I am thinking of you and wish you all good things.

    1. awe thats sad wish i could talk to someone about it all but i don’t trust people to talk to about it thats why im on this because i wanna try to find someone to talk to

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