Lost soul

My sister Margaret or, Maggie, she hated that name. Irish: She committed suicide on July 4th by hanging herself. This is July 6, 2018. Every word, I type takes 30 minuets so, here we go. The first day total shock! The next day feels like a piece of your heart is ripped out of your body. Today: I feel hollow. The problem for me is that we never had a chance say good bye. But, I know that finally your soul is at piece. I have great memories of our childhood. I always told you that I love you. I will always love you. I was in a near fatal SUV accident upside down in a river. I fought my way to air. Unfortunately, my sister did not have the same fight. So, yes, I understand the difference between light and dark. Sister it’s alright! I will miss you. To others, live-love-pray…

One thought on “Lost soul

  1. I just stumbled upon this forum. And your story was the first one to pop up. Which I thought was ironic. Because my little brother took his life in July 4th 2017; he also hung himself. No note. He knew I loved him, never saw this coming. My aunt hung herself just a month before. Hugs and prayers.

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