We laid my brother down to rest today. I am 56 and my sister is 49 with my brother being the middle child at 53.I keep going over and over the last couple of weeks looking for something that I missed. He had called me Monday week about the A.C unit he as getting for me and was going to help us install. I knew that he was having a run of “bad luck” but I never once thought he was so tired of fighting. He could aggravate the mess out of me but I would love to have him aggravate me for one more day. I love you Jeff,until we meet again.

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  1. John wassmer says:

    God bless Jeff
    It will be hard of that there is no doubt. But the love shared between you will help so much.
    Remember good times is my best suggestion. We will all be together one day is my prayer.

  2. David Reggi says:

    I will pray for Jeff and for you and your sister. This time of year a loss is extra hard so I wish you peace.

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