I miss you so much (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

I miss you so much

I miss you so much brother , it’s been two months since I lost my personality twin, I was supposed to be rock and you left me… you left me sad and heartbroken why did you do that? I loved you so much , although you didn’t make good choices at times I was always your #1 supporter. You left with a piece of me, and each day I fall more and more sad and empty and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover this sadness I just miss you so dearly… idk how to cope with these kind of things .. I don’t 🙁 . I smell your cologne every day I sleep with you on my neck but it doesn’t help.. it doesn’t help me at all. I just want to hear your voice again I miss you man

2 thoughts on “I miss you so much (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my brother 9 months ago and I know that it can be so so hard to think of a life without someone you’ve lost. I really hope you have somebody to talk to and if not, I think you should reach out and maybe get professional help? http://www.twloha.com are one organization that could help you <3 If you ever wanna talk to someone who’s been through the same thing, you can always contact me. You can reach me throug my website http://www.jhaye.com. Take care of yourself and know that you are not alone <3

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss.. I also lost my twin brother at age 20, just last August. You are not alone. ❤️

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