How did your workplace handle your loss?

I lost my brother back in October of 2018. My work’s response was essentially to not talk about it. I feel like I and my brother have been dealt an injustice simply because he died from suicide.
Earlier in the year another coworker lost her father from “natural causes” and we all signed a card for her. Half of the office doesn’t even know I lost my brother because his cause of death is taboo. I’m angry and hurt.
It’s been four months since he died and I feel like it’s too late to bring it back up again and have everyone sign a card.

One thought on “How did your workplace handle your loss?

  1. So sorry. I lost my brother Nov 1st 2016. At my work I was an advocate for mental health. So in support of breaking stigmas against mental health challenges I shared the devastating loss of him to suicide. Some people heartlessly judged and others avoided me. Others tried- in their own way to help- but my work let me down!! Not the whole company as I moved departments since, but my old group I invested in for 7 years tore me down. I feel for you! I get you! It’s not fair but you stay strong and you take care of yourself. Cause that’s what your precious loved one you lost would want for you. I view it as I’m standing strong for my amazing, one of a kind brother. In memory of him! You do that that for your irreplaceable loved one too! Much love and prayers to you! 💔❤🖤🦉

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