Finally free

I was looking for a place to go and vent my feelings. I was looking for a support group but found this site. Here goes my story. My brother just killed himself on August 15th. My dad was the one who found him hanging in the garage. We had no clue about what he was going to do. He left no note. He got out of rehab 3 months to the day we buried him. I spent the most amount of time with him and I was blindsided. I am still grieving and have no clue as how to go on. We were the closest in age just 2 years apart. We grew up together and went to school together and shared the same vehicle. I got his death certificates in the mail today and I have been upset all afternoon. I miss him every day. I miss him coming to my house almost every day. I miss him telling me “come on we got s*** to do”

3 thoughts on “Finally free

  1. I too was looking for a support group when I stumbled on this site. My brother passed away over a year ago. My heart literally aches every day when I think about him and the void he’s left in my life and family. I’m sorry I don’t have any encouraging words to say as I’m still in shock and grief.

    1. I too lost my brother to suicide. We were the same age for a month and a half every year. I miss him like you miss yours. I’m sorry!! ❤ Unfortunately you are not alone. 😞

  2. I am so sorry for your loss(es). Similar to the original post, my brother took his life and blindsided us all. Michael never showed any warning signs. After 1 evening of trouble, and getting an OUI, he came home at shot himself in our basement. The pain, confusion, void, and depression has been insurmountable at times. I am left with a lot of questions and I would do anything to have my brother back☹️Sometimes there are just no signs though. Sometimes someone’s reasons for living are indescribable the the pain they may be feeling, even in that instance. I know he is in a blissful place now. But I can’t help but feel sadness that he isn’t here today.

    It feels good to know I am not the only one who feels this way. (Even though I would never wish this on anyone!!!!!)

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