Dear Manito

Hi Manito,
Today marks 7 months since our lives changed forever. You have no idea how devastated Mami is, I bet you never imagined that her life would end with yours. She is no longer the same. I have to admit as much as I miss you am also so mad with you. Not only did you take away you, my only brother, but you also took our mother along for the worst ride of her life. The kids miss you every day. Nayzeth is going through her teenage years and Nathan can’t believe you are gone, he is basically lost without you, Naylie is too young to understand but she always says she knows you’re in a better place. Manito lets go back in time and just start over. Let’s take those pictures again, lets embrace each other, I need you Manito. How am I supposed to live the rest of my life knowing you are no longer here, how am I supposed to get old and bury our mother? I need you, it was the way it was meant to be, me and you, just me and you.
With a broken Heart,
Your Baby sister,
Elizabeth D-Flo.
Your finally with Dad, just how you always wanted.

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