big brother matt (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

god, its been almost 3 years now since you shot yourself at the age of 21. And everyday it gets harder for me to except the fact that your gone because everyday i always look forward to you coming home but you never do. i just wish that you hadn’t of done it because i miss you every day and it’s killing me. what do i do to help except that your gone because you were my best friend and losing your best friend when your 10 is the hardest thing ever and now im missing you like crazy and i can’t help it. Matt i wish you were still here.

4 thoughts on “big brother matt (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

  1. First, please don’t use lower case G for God. Very sorry for your loss. Pray and thank God for the time you had together. I have lost my brother and hope he is with God and at peace. Life has to go on, maybe one day just think of the good times together.


  2. thank you for noticing my lower case g, sorry i didn’t notice i did that and thank you and im sorry for your loss too

  3. Peace to you Kelsey-God knows your heart. No need to be reprimanded by someone else on this site. I know your pain every day too, having lost my own Dear Brother. Life does go on, and you can live it out for him in your good memories. I know it’s hard, I SO DO, but keep you head up-life continually changes and ebbs and flows like the ocean waves. Good days will come again-always remember that!!

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