9 Months without you…

Serg I cant believe its been 9 months since I’ve seen you, no text, no call, no hug, no “hi sis”, no “I love you sis” absolutely nothing I cant even dream of you.. I am so deperately hoping that you would appear in my dreams.. I feel like this is a nightmare that has gone on too long but I hate that in reality you are never coming back… I feel like as time goes by it gets a little less harder and I try to move on and remember all the great times together but then I have days that I feel terribly guilty that I couldn’t do more for you.. The words “I am hitting rock bottom” keep going through my head, did I do enough, could I have done more??? Why did you do this to our family, we are so broken, our mom is on such a low that its tough to see her.. She has taken the worst hit of us all. God continue to help us, we need healing, love, comfort, peace, unity please through you all things are possible. This is what keeps me going is believing and having faith in god, especially knowing that we will be reunited someday.. RIP my little brother, your sister that loves & adores you always & forever.

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