8 Months :( Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Serg, you have been gone for 8 months now & its so hard not to be able to tell you in person, hug & kiss you but I find some comfort in knowing that our grandma is throwing you a big party like she use to in Monterrey & your surrounded by all our loved ones that have left us. What I would give to turn back the time mijo, I miss you so much that it hurts so bad. We are going to visit you to church and then going to have dinner with your boys to celebrate you, we believe your spirit will be there with us.. This has been extremely hard for us our mom is still devastated and very depressed nothing or no one can cheer her up & our dad poor him, he tries to pick up the pieces but our family is too broken nothing can put us back together, YES you were that important, YES we loved you more than anything, YES your decision ruined our family AND YES we forgive you because no matter what we love you and have to accept the fact that you are not coming back. I know we will see you again and that is the only thing I hold on to that gives me hope & comfort… Love you always & forever your sis…

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