Stinging Tears

When I cry, I feel the pain of your loss. I feel the sting of my tears. I am hurting. When I cry, I imagine you can feel my pain too, the stinging tears, the hurt. It feels good to imagine you can feel that pain. Good. I look up, and for an instant I hope you’re looking down at me and I want you to feel bad for me. Good. Feel bad. Feel my pain, I think to myself. I know you didn’t really want to leave me. You just wanted the pain to end. Well, too bad. That was only the beginning. Sorry for being a negative Nancy. Damnit, I miss you. I wish you could come back to me. I know you do, too, Eli.

One thought on “Stinging Tears

  1. My sister and best friend left this earth by Suicide on August 7,2018z there is nothing that hurts more my has the biggest hole as if she took a piece of me with her… I’m lost without her And so saddened.?

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