1 Year Memorial…

How did we get here? Will the pain ever go away? This goes through my head every single day… Today has been a very rare day, I feel peaceful, Serg are you here with me? I cannot believe its been a year since I last saw, heard, hugged, kissed you.. The last time I heard you call me “sis”, I would do anything to turn back time but I can’t & I have to face reality that you are not ever coming home. My heart breaks I miss you so much, we all do. I planned your memorial service for Wednesday December 5th the same day we had your funeral because I 10x’s rather remember your beautiful mass than the horrific day “today” that you decided to change our life forever, the day you forced us to suffer the rest of our lives. Although I am so angry at you, I love you more every day that goes by with all of my heart.. We will not grow old together in this world but I hold hope & faith that we will be together someday in heaven. Your loving sister

2 thoughts on “1 Year Memorial…

  1. That is a loving message.
    I am feeling the same. It’s also been one year my sister took her own life. I am feeling devastaded. Sending my thoughts. Hang in there.

    Love from Holland,

  2. You made it through, what I believe, was the hardest year of your life. It was for me. That first year was horrific.

    But here we are. WE made it! Im slowly marching onto the 2nd anniversary of when my brother died of suicide. It still hurts and I still cry….but not as much. Im slowly healing. I have forgiven and I will always love him with all my being. When I have bad days, I literally have to slow down things and take it one day at a time. Its all I can handle, but I trudge on.

    Praying that your grief will diminish and you will continue to shine on.

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