To my sweet brother

To my sweet brother
The love of my life
Even when I was a little girl I just wanted to be around you all the time. Always wanted to see what adventure you were up too always so much fun and interesting things.
We laugh at all the same things the same people and get to be angry with each other and still love
Each other sometimes each others only friend.
When we would go on holidays and be stuck in the back of the truck for 19 hours straight drawing a line in the seat and if anyone crossed it they would get the living shit kicked out of them.
And the time u asked me if poop floats. When i went to the other side of the dock it was floating in the water.
I wish I could of taken all the pain away for you. You were so successful and the pressures of life got to you as with anyone else. And what a sweet romantic always putting on your best show for the ladies you loved. I will live on for you my sweet love your heart your beautiful face and your sensitive heart. The anger I will le go for you, don’t worry my love I will show you the world as you live in my heart. Your with me in my heart in my days we live together forever. Your laugh echos in my head and your liveliness still so picture perfect in my mind.
The pain I feel I will try to form to happiness for your rest and painless rest. You always made me proud. I love you now, then, i will love you forever. My sweet sweet brother. Thank you for always being there for me.
Love your only sister Kimmy

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